Hear what our students say about their journey with IDIS:

Chan Cui Min, Intake 542

” Enrolling in Inspiration Interior Design School was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career. From the moment I stepped into the school, I knew I was in the right place. The ambiance exudes creativity, and the faculty and staff are passionate about nurturing the next generation of interior designers.

The curriculum is comprehensive and well-rounded, covering everything from design principles to technical skills and industry trends. What sets Inspiration apart is its emphasis on hands-on learning. We were constantly working on real-world projects, collaborating with classmates and industry professionals to bring our ideas to life.

The faculty members are experts in their field and are always available to provide guidance and support. They challenge us to think outside the box, push our creative boundaries, and develop our unique design aesthetic. Their insights and feedback have been invaluable in shaping my growth as a designer.

One aspect I particularly appreciate about Inspiration is its focus on sustainability and ethical design practices. We’re encouraged to consider the environmental and social impact of our designs, ensuring that we create spaces that are not only beautiful but also responsible.

Overall, my experience at Inspiration Interior Design School has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve grown both personally and professionally, and I feel confident in my ability to pursue my passion and make a positive impact in the world of interior design. ”

Janice Evangelista, Intake 542

” I had the pleasure and privilege of attending IDIS for an interior design course, and I can confidently say that it was an exceptional educational experience.

From start to finish, the program exceeded my expectations in every way. As a working student, the curriculum is thoughtfully crafted, covering a wide range of topics essential for budding interior designers. The lecturer and the team who are not only experts in the field but also passionate about teaching, provided me with invaluable insight, guidance, and world experience, the balance between theory and practical application was perfect, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of interior design.

The international and diverse student body created a rich learning environment. Collaborating with fellow students from different cultures and backgrounds broadened my perspective and enhanced my creativity. I am grateful and commend IDIS for their dedication to ensuring that each student reaches their full potential. The course not only prepared me for a successful career but also instilled in me a deep passion for interior design. I am grateful for the education I received here and highly recommend IDIS to anyone aspiring to excel in the world of interior design. ”

Hosen Gan, Intake 540

” Hi, future Designers to be. Having recently completed my studies at IDIS, I am thrilled to share my incredibly positive experience with others.

From the moment I enrolled at IDIS, I was impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication exhibited by the faculty and staff. The teaching staff consists of experienced industry professionals who are not only highly knowledgeable in their respective fields but also passionate about imparting their expertise to the next generation of designers.

IDIS goes above and beyond in providing outstanding resources and support to its students. Overall, my time at IDIS has been transformative. Through the school’s exceptional curriculum, dedicated faculty, and immersive learning environment, I have not only gained valuable design skills but have also developed as a professional and enriched my creative flair.

I wholeheartedly recommend IDIS to anyone with a passion for design and a desire to excel in their chosen field. Trust me, enrolling at IDIS will be the first step towards an inspiring and fulfilling design career. ”

Berny Chue, Intake 538

” If you are looking for a part-time study, Inspiration Design International School is the right place for you. Their pace is just right and flexible enough for work and study. Lecturers are actual practitioners and not only teach technical, and theories but also share practical knowledge from their years of experience.

Staff team members are all very caring, encouraging, and supportive, making sure you are progressing and coping well in all aspects. Thank you IDIS! ”

Han Wei Sheng, Intake 534

” I am so happy I found this school. I had a passion for Interior Design and hope to turn this passion into my future career. Inspiration Design International School helped me to have an interesting and flexible learning journey. The lecturers are all professional and the staff at the school is attentive. They are helpful and kind.

Thanks for everything the school has arranged for us in this Covid-19 situation. Special thanks to Mr. Tay, he shared a lot of ideas and knowledge that a designer must have and I will remember every word he told us. I have learned a lot in the past two years. I have fulfilled my dream and I am on my way to becoming an interior designer. If you are like me, I sincerely recommend this school to everyone. Reasonable course fees and a good learning environment. ”

Janet, Intake 533

” 我来自马来西亚,原先从事 admin 工作,对室内设计有很大的兴趣,从网络知道了 IDIS 并来报读。很高兴从 IDIS 毕业了,学习到了很多关于室内设计的知识。感谢IDIS学院给予一个机会让大家学习并转换行业,感谢老师们的教诲,还有 Jean 和 Mr. Tay 的叮嘱,让我能在毕业后的一个月内找到一份设计行业的工作。谢谢!”

Soon Jie Ting, Intake 533

” 我终于从2019报读的室内设计高级大专课程毕业了。感谢所有教过我的老师,Mr. Tay 教会了我们什么是设计,如何画图,构图,建模和软件。特别是 Mr. Tay 让我知道了身为一名专业的设计师应该具备什么,也常常鼓励我要自信,大胆。在学校也认识了很多志同道合的朋友!”

Wong Yen Ping, Intake 533

” 我终于从室内设计高级大专课程毕业了。在这期间学会了很多知识,认识了不同的朋友,也增加了胆识。学校还在特别的节目是举办了活动让大家能多认识和熟悉。我非常感谢细心教导的每一位老师,也特别感谢 Mr. Tay 给予的鼓励,让我有信心能成为一位专业的室内设计师。”

Tan Qi He, Intake 534

” My learning journey at IDIS passed very fast and I recently finished my Advanced Diploma in Interior Design after 2 years. I started off with zero background knowledge in Interior Design and throughout the course, the lecturers were all willing to share their knowledge and experience with us for our benefit.

Thanks to the course, I gained more confidence and am now able to present my work independently. I also met and became friends with many schoolmates throughout my course of study here. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the lecturers and staff in IDIS. ”

Katherine Mahilum, Intake 537

” One of the best decisions I made! School is accessible, the schedule is flexible for working people and the staff are very friendly.

All lecturers are professionals and established in their own field so they are able to share practical tips and tricks, current market overview, for you to really understand the industry you will be part of. They always encourage students to ask questions and even go out of their way to explain things to you in a very detailed manner to ensure that you understand the topic.

You can enroll from the basics to advanced lessons to cater to your needs. For me, I only want to understand the basic principles of ID and was able to obtain the knowledge I need. Thank you IDIS for the great learning journey and kudos to your company. More power! ”

Sandy Lim, Intake 538

” I am planning a mid-career switch to the renovation industry. But I didn’t know how to start and move forward, and I felt lost and frustrated. I believe there is a way to learn, so I look for schools that have systematic learning.
IDIS provides a complete education system, and experienced and knowledgeable lecturer to teach us. The management team will always care for and understand our progress. IDIS gave me the confidence to acquire skills and knowledge here and apply them in the industry. ”

Chung Teck, Intake 539

” The lecturers and staff are very helpful and friendly, and they are willing to share with us knowledge on many things about interior design! ”

Edith, Intake 538

” A very fresh approach to learning. Instructors encourage students to discover their unique potential to create something original.

The principles they teach can apply not only to design processes but in life too. Empathy is one of the most important philosophies (in design) I learned in this class. Thanks, IDIS. ”

Chris, Intake 536

” I am a renovation contractor. Speaking with designers has always been a difficult task in the course of my work. One of my objectives for 2021 was to enroll myself in an interior design course to learn the designer mindset, language, and working method. During this one year, I have learned things that are beyond my own imagination and expectation. Now I can speak with designers better, understand their mindset, and most importantly, be able to differentiate a good design from a bad design. I believe we can all bring design to a higher level as an interior designer or a hands-on contractor. ”

Romola, Intake 535

” When I first came across the school’s website, I was skeptical whether I had it in me to learn something new and manage the course. But Inspiration Design International School gave me the confidence that I needed and the desire to learn. Their practical approach to teaching has helped me learn well and also materialize my ideas. The importance given to one’s imagination is encouraging which helps students to think out of the box and explore possibilities. For someone who is looking to explore the Interior Design industry, I would highly recommend this Institute and would also thank Mr. Tay for his valuable insights. ”

Koo Yew Chung, Intake 533

” When I looked for a school offering a part-time course in interior design, Inspiration Design International School is the only school in Singapore conducting. If you are looking for something that is small students per teacher ratio, you are in the right place. The teachers here not only follow your progress throughout the course, but they are also able to provide good examples to enhance your learning. They are professional in this field and what they shared, I would say are practical and relevant and prepare us well when we enter this industry.

They have plenty of teaching materials that are revised every semester for the past 30 plus years so that new skills or trends are delivered. Although their digital transformation may not be on par with some schools, to compensate for the shortfall, the school establishes strong interactions and promotes collaborative learning culture.

The pace is just right for a part-time student who has to cope with work and study. ”

Phoebe, Intake 535

” Good educational journey. Good and known lecturers. The course is good, very informative and helps to prepare well for becoming a designer. I have enjoyed the opportunities to get to know others on my course and hear shared experiences.

As I work full-time, this course gave me the flexibility I needed to participate. The time of the lessons suited me perfectly. The deadlines given have been realistic and manageable – the school seems to have a good understanding of the difficulties of people’s other commitments.

Mickey, Intake 535

” I have a fruitful experience in Inspiration Design International School. The lecturers and staffs are friendly and caring. In addition, it bands the students together as a family. I am blessed to get a chance to be a part of IDIS students.”

Alison, Intake 535

” I’ve always had a passion for Interior Design and sought to turn this passion into a potential career. I took an online course in Interior Design in 2020 and upon completion; decided it wasn’t enough and that I wanted something more substantial to hone my skills in Interior Design. I chanced upon Inspiration as I was searching for design schools in Singapore and decided to take a leap of faith since they offered what I was searching for.

The program I joined is a part-time program that mainly caters to working professionals, meaning that I can interact with like-minded people and share ideas with one another. The lecturers are all current practitioners in the field and they encourage us to explore all possibilities, striving to help us realize our fullest potential.

It has been memorable ever since I started my journey here and I have made many valuable relationships here with peers and mentors alike. Thank you to Inspiration for impacting my mindset and preparing me for future industry practice. ”

Lim Kui Ying, Intake 531

” During the two years of studying at Inspiration Design International School, I have learned a lot of new knowledge and made friends with classmates who work in different fields. I am very happy that the knowledge learned here can be effectively applied in the workplace.

Hence, I am very grateful to the Principal, Jean, and the tutors of the school. Thank you for educating me patiently. When I encountered a problem with my homework, the school and the tutor never gave up on me; and instead, gave me selfless care and encouragement. ”

Lee Kher Ren, Intake 531

” The lecturers in IDIS are not only teaching design theory studies but also willing to share their experience with the students. This can help us to gear up for approaching the ID industry in the future. ”

Siko, Intake 536

” Very experienced and knowledgeable lecturer, I am very happy with them. ”