Tan, Mae Ann Prinzes M.

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

I graduated from the Advanced Diploma in Interior Desing course here at Inspiration Design International School.

Since then, my career journey had always been blissful. Working as an Interior Designer at one promising Design and Build Company in Singapore, I have accomplished several successful projects within the country – which I can confidently say it is a big thanks to IDIS. They have equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills that I can chiefly use in my career. The programs they have provided had given me a better grasp of what lies ahead in my future career and had been an indispensable tool to victoriously conquer my endeavours.

Again, thank you IDIS!

Violet Chan

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

My day job is irrelevant to any design industry, however, I always had a passion for Architecture and Interior Design. When I found out Inspiration Design International School offers evening part-time Diploma in Interior Design, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in their 18-months course. The class timings were very convenient for me as I continued my day job and the schedule was not hectic, understanding students with work commitments.

My experience in IDIS as well as the friendly interaction with the staff and teachers who are designers by profession had been wonderful. In a board view, the school provided us, their students, a comprehensive and quality designed education. Lectures dived into the fundamentals of design, emphasizing the importance for students to have a firm foundation which later serves as a basis for us to explore and branch out our creativity into school projects. Lectures were interactive among teachers and students as real-life examples were laid out for discussion and learning extracted from lecturers’ past projects and experience as well as world-renowned designs and the evolution of design.

From an individual student’s point of view, the school puts effort into understanding each students’ strengths and weaknesses. From which, the teachers provide specific guidance, challenging each one of my creative thinking, spurring me to do more self-study, broadening, and liberating my view of design. My time in Inspiration Design International School was a fruitful, rewarding, thankful, and enjoyable journey.

Elizabeth Tan

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

The course I took in Inspiration Design school is an advance Diploma in Interior Design. The course schedule is not that hectic and it is manageable for someone that is doing part-time studies like myself.

This course provides me with a broad exposure as the covered topics include both residential and commercial. Lecturers are very helpful and knowledgeable. They are very generous in sharing their experiences.

The course has been designed to provide you with the professional skills required to succeed as an interior designer. Last but not least, I enjoyed my 24 months course with Inspiration.

Abdul Hakim

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

My time in Inspiration Design School has allowed me to hone a wide array of skills that are applicable to my current career as an Interior Designer.

My facilitators were professional and self-equipped in enriching me with the relevant skills and knowledge. The core classes of the program in Design Studio has allowed me to be innovative and creative. I had the opportunity to have experienced lecturers guiding us in-class projects in detail during the consultation period.

Within my two years of a stint at school, I have gained a handful of knowledge to learn the design process of both interior design and architecture and to delve deeper into the creative aspect of the built environment. Apart from hands-on experience in design, we were also taught through project management and feasible project costing while working on individual projects.

Now working as a Corporate Interior Designer, I had the opportunity to lead and undertake projects in a reputable company. The good thing about being a designer, every day is a discoverable moment for us. We are made to delve into the thought process of the technicalities of how things are being constructed. Personally, I often have the desire to learn new things that I could apply to the projects that I lead, and where I could propose to our design team and clients.

All in all, I had an interesting time meeting like-minded people from different backgrounds at school and it has truly inspired me to achieve my personal best.

Toe Naing Win (Myanmar)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

I am from Myanmar and I have been working in Singapore for the past six years as a work permit holder. I have always wanted to upgrade my career which is why I chose to study with INSPIRATION. I took up the 18 months Diploma In Interior Design course because I have a deep interest in interior design and I wish to pursue my career in a design firm.

Upon completion of my Diploma, I was introduced to a new company by INSPIRATION and my work pass was upgraded to an S-Pass. Aside from that, I am also very thankful that my new company is sponsoring my Advanced Diploma in Interior Design for me to learn even more in-depth about Interior Design. None of these would have been possible if I had not taken the first step in pursuing my studies with Inspiration Design International School.”

Chong Yen Ling (Singapore)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

Being professionally trained as an Accountant, the decision to return to school to pursue my passion for interior design as a career wasn’t an easy one. However, after commencing my lessons with INSPIRATION, I am confident my decision is right and I am inspired to strive towards establishing myself as an innovative, professional, and sought-after interior designer.

INSPIRATION provided me with the opportunity to pursue a quality, formal education in interior design and is particularly appealing with its industry-relevant curriculum and realistic project-based learning. Coupled with the approachable management team/lecturers who readily provided guidance and imparted knowledge, I believe I will be able to build up strong design fundamentals during my time with INSPIRATION and become professionally ready with presentable portfolios as the course progresses.

Jack Hung (Singapore)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

I enrolled in Inspiration Design International School as I was looking for a part-time Diploma in Interior Design. After only three semesters in INSPIRATION, I can say that the course content is relevant and the class schedule is not that hectic. I also continued another six months to further enhance my interior design knowledge by taking up the Advanced Diploma In Interior Design.

The school is very understanding to students with work commitments, and the lecturers are ever willing to help and share their knowledge. They are always challenging our thinking and imagination, allowing us to come up with better creations. I am also thankful that at this age, I have already achieved my dream of owning an interior design company.


Sharon Cheng (Malaysia)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

I am a lawyer by profession, but I have a strong passion for architecture and building-related designs. I started my journey in design with INSPIRATION and the experience was nothing short of amazing. Students were guided and closely mentored by seasoned industry practitioners, who as lecturers take particular pride in ensuring that students master strong design fundamentals and technical skills (including software skills) to be industry-ready upon completion of studies.

The school demonstrated its commitment to provide holistic and quality design education. The school showed exceptional care for the professional development of students by its strong support for students’ academic advancements, career placements and internships, and industrial training experience by way of arranging for industry site and trade fair visits and learning events with design councils. There is strong encouragement for students to actively participate in design competitions both locally and internationally.

After studying design with INSPIRATION, I proceeded with my journey as a design writer and am setting up a design blog.


Rachel Yap (Singapore)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

I graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design from Inspiration Design International School. I thank Inspiration for giving me the chance to pursue my dreams despite my ‘O’ Levels Certificate results.

Throughout my 2 years at INSPIRATION, I gained a lot of knowledge. Inspiration’s teaching methods were realistic and prepared us well for the professional world. After graduating, I worked for my internship company for 2 years and am thankful for the opportunity to do that.

Now I am moving on to another level by pursuing my BA(Hons) in Interior Design with Middlesex University, London, UK. I am thankful to INSPIRATION for bringing me this far.

Krystle Hanifah (Indonesia)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

Choosing Inspiration Design International School for my education to become a designer was the best thing I’ve ever done. Inspiration prepared and trained me to be ready for the design industry. Not only were we taught the principles of design and the logic within the design, but we were also motivated and inspired to push ourselves to another level.

Although I had only a seven-month study at Inspiration, recognition was given for the quality of my work, such that I was granted a one and a half year exemption from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, where I went to pursue my three-year bachelor’s degree. This is why Inspiration Design International School is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life.

Desiree Gaunt (South Africa)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

I enrolled in an Advanced Diploma in InteriorDesign course at Inspiration Design International School in 2007 and graduated in 2009. The course is comprehensive and the lecturers are very hands-on and knowledgeable as the majority of them have worked or are currently working in the trade. Having graduated from inspiration design international school with a good portfolio, I was accepted to Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore to study a BA Honors in Interior Design, I graduated in 2010, having been credited with my 2 years at inspiration design international school as the Degree course is 4 years long. I believe that the foundation laid by inspiration design international school sent me on my way to achieving my goal. I now reside in the USA and have enrolled in a 2nd BFAID degree in Interior Design at the Academy of Art University San Francisco, concentrating on American codes and styles. I wish all who enroll to study at inspirational design school great success in their endeavors.

Kenneth Choi

Kenny Choi (Malaysia)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

Studying in one of the established Interior Design schools (Inspiration Design) in Singapore is one of the best decisions that I have made. Although I need to work full-time during the day, Inspiration Design School offers a part-time Advanced Diploma in Interior Design course during the evening, which the timing is very convenient to students with working commitments and who wish to upgrade and upskill.

The team of lecturers and especially the school Headmaster Mr Tay, are very helpful towards their students and keep us motivated throughout the entire course. Mr Tay was willing to spend his extra time to teach us even after the classes finished.

Inspiration Design provides quality, formal education in Interior Design, and is very well recognised in the design industry. Besides, studying in Inspiration Design does provide me with a very good platform and allows me to find work overseas, as now I am able to work as an Interior Designer in New Zealand. Thank you Inspiration Design.

Szczepaniak Paulina Maria

Paulina Maria Szczepaniak (Poland)

Diploma in Interior Design

If you are about to join the Inspiration Design International School, you have to know that you are not just enrolling in a course to learn or to improve your knowledge about interior design or software. Inspiration Design is much more than that.

After my graduation, I was constantly building my skill set and interest in this field. In 2017 I got my internship, and I explored more about interior design, problem-solving, project management, and technical drawings. This October I ’m starting my postgraduate program in Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

The professionalism and the enthusiasm of the cardinal teachers and management staff are second to none. They are approachable, extremely helpful, and provide an accommodating atmosphere. The School assisted me with all my needs, and they monitored my improvements daily.

I would recommend Inspiration Design International School to anyone who is passionate about interior design, and looking for an avenue to learn and appreciate design better. This school can lead you to many employment and career opportunities, and it doesn’t end with being an interior designer. You can be a professor, a contractor, a project manager, and so much more.